Confessions Of An Alien Hunter A Scientists Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence Ebook Rar

Confessions Of An Alien Hunter: A Scientist's Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence Ebook Rar

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Confessions Of An Alien Hunter: A Scientist's Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence Ebook Rar

A Scientists Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence . and future of our search for extraterrestrial intelligence. About Confessions of an Alien Hunter. Aliens are big in America.. Confessions of an Alien Hunter, 9781426203923,9781426204333, Seth Shostak, National Geographic Society - eBook Available on RedShelf Campus Services; Toggle navigation. Search RedShelf .. Confessions Of An Alien Hunter: A Scientist's Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence By Seth Shostak.. Editions for Confessions of an Alien Hunter: A Scientist's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: 1426203926 (Hardcover published in 2009), (Kindle Ed.. Whatever our proffesion, confessions of an alien hunter a scientists search for extraterrestrial intelligence can be good source for reading.. Confessions of an Alien Hunter: A Scientist's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - Kindle edition by Seth Shostak.

Click to read more about Confessions of an Alien Hunter: A Scientist's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Seth Shostak.. Read "Confessions of an Alien Hunter A Scientist's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" by Seth Shostak with Rakuten Kobo. Aliens are big in America.. Download confessions of an alien hunter a scientists search for extraterrestrial intelligence in pdf or read confessions of an alien hunter a scientists search for extraterrestrial. Confessions of an Alien Hunter: A Scientist's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Seth Shostak, Author National Geographic Society $27 (309p) ISBN 978-1-4262-0392-3 More By and About. Listen with Audible. Sponsored.. A Scientist's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Confessions of an Alien Hunter, Seth Shostak, National Geographic.. MidwayUSA is a privately held American retailer of various hunting and outdoor-related products.


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Steven finds out about Onion's secret friends.


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Two men and a woman circle the globe in a satellite armed with a nuclear device. The third world war breaks out, and a few months later the satellite crashes. They survive the crash but one man gets killed by survivors and the other man gets caught. The woman stays by the remains of the the satellite but is soon caught by evil punks who have taken power. Is Def-Con 4 the worst movie ever made? It's very possible. Whenever you decide to venture into the Science Fiction section of your video store, steer clear of this film. It has a deceptive cover aimed at drawing the uninformed video renter into picking it up. But whatever you do, DO NOT BE FOOLED! The sad thing is that 10 people actually gave this movie a 10 right here at the Internet Movie Database. Here's a much more realistic vote: 1 (only because that's as low as it goes here at the IMDB). Two men and a woman circle the globe in a satellite armed with a nuclear device.

The third world war breaks out, and a few months later the satellite crashes. They survive the crash but one man gets killed by survivors and the other man gets caught.

The woman stays by the remains of the the satellite but is soon caught by evil punks who have taken power.....

Another on of those so called cult movies, because no one really bothered with it when released, and has a really cool DVD cover, but little else to talk about.

It's a sound idea, being in space whilst a war erupts, and then coming back down to the aftermath, but thats where the writers stopped having great ideas, and decided to steal from other apocalyptic movies....very badly.

There are lots of better movies out there that reference the aftermath of war, Land Of Doom, World Gone Wild, and Mad Max, are prime examples of how to make a fun movie, this just maunders on until the dour end.

I wouldn't bother.


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A depressed man hires an assassin to kill him when he least expects it, but when his life takes an upward turn, he finds he now wishes to live.

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A depressed man hires an assassin to kill him when he least expects it, but when his life takes an upward turn, he finds he now wishes to live. A man, despondent over the death of his wife, wants to commit suicide but can't bring himself to do it. He hires a man to hire a professional killer to do the job. However, he soon finds out that his wife isn't really dead - but the man he paid to hire the hitman is, and he has no idea who the man hired or how to get him to call off the hit. A grieving widower decides that life isn't worth living and arranges for his own murder but ultimately changes his mind to his own detriment. Richard Dix starts off "The Whistler" series literally with a bang, continuing for several more years playing always different characters finding their darkness at dawn. As the war years began to wind down, America found itself in a new crisis: a domestic one not involving enemy agents from other countries or tensions between various parts of the country. This involved individual moralities, pretty much disintegrating as embittered survivors of a depression era world decided to just enjoy life, and to hell with the consequences of their own amoralistic actions. 1944 exploded with such movies, two of them ("Double Indemnity" and "Laura") considered "classics", and others featuring a cynicism that American movies had not previously been allowed to show. Radio got away with it more since the visual aspect of their stories were missing, but with many popular radio shows becoming as American as apple pie, it was only a matter of time before many of them began showing up on the movie screen.

In the case of "The Whistler", the mysterious narrator pops in and out of the drama, adding a darkness on-screen that was only psychological on radio. Seeing the dark streets, cynical heroes and world-weary derelicts doing anything just to stay afloat brought the truths of the world out into the open. Dix's character doesn't reveal to the man he pays $1000 to that it is himself he wants bumped off, and later when that man is killed by the police, his widow arranges for a meeting with Dix in order to seek out her own revenge. The hit-man, given the instructions by a deaf mute, follows Dix around with the intention of simply scaring him to death, and when Dix ends up in a homeless shelter, he is almost made a victim of robbery by another homeless man. Every time this film turns another street, more darkness appears, and it is very appropriate that ultimately, it ends up down at the docks of the unnamed city it takes place in.

Fans of the 1997 "Titanic" will be intrigued to see a young Gloria Stuart as Dix's devoted secretary, worried about him being missing, while "B" movie favorite Joan Woodbury makes an interesting femme fatal as the widow of the man Dix hired to bump himself off. Billy Benedict, of the "Bowery Boys" movies, is very haunting as the deaf mute (too busy reading the comics to even morally considering what he's passing on), and J. Carroll Naish is quietly sinister as the actual hit-man. Then, there's Charles Wagenheim as the man who tried to pick Dix's pocket in the flophouse who ends up manipulating him into leaving with him only so he can rob him later. This is filled with spooky, unforgettable characters of every dimension of low life, and even the ending is rather a downer, reminding the audience that not every story, whether crime related or not, has to end up happy. It seems that more people end up dead because of this man's grief than what he intended, giving an ironic twist to the darkness of a story that could only be told by "The Whistler". So many B films I have seen were poor prints on VHS tapes. How very nice it was to see such an excellent print on TCM. I listened to many episodes of The Whistler and found them engaging. In this, the first of the series, Richard Dix as businessman Earl Conrad has suffered from serious depression over the accidental death of his wife three years earlier. His friends seem to to blame him for not saving her from drowning. Extremely despondent he contracts with a killer's middleman to kill him. After sending the contract money and a message to the killer, the middleman is shot to death by police. Soon thereafter Conrad is notified that his wife did not die but has been in a Japanese internment camp for the past three years. Oops - now he doesn't want to die but doesn't know who the killer is and sets out to find someone who knows the middleman and perhaps then the killer. He returns to the bar where he made the deal with the middleman and a woman (played by the always capable Joan Woodbury). As they are driving to the place the middleman hung out she tells Conrad that she was the middleman's wife and accuses Conrad of setting up her husband for the police to kill. Proving that even the most nasty characters have someone who loves them, she tries to kill Conrad by running the car down a cliff. Didn't work - she dies, he lives. But the real threat is the killer, played by the wonderful J. Carroll Naish who, as a matter of twisted honor, decides to fulfill his contract to kill Conrad although it is now pointless to do so. The killer decides he wants to frighten Conrad to death by following him and making him fearful. Naish plays the psychotic killer to a tee. Specially interesting in this film are the scenes in the flop house and those with a security guard at the docks. There were many familiar faces in this movie including Billy Benedict, Cy Kendall, Woodbury and Kermit Maynard. Gloria Stuart did a good job in the thankless role of faithful secretary. Not as impressive is Richard Dix. He's OK but really kind of bland and weak in the role. This is a superior B film more interesting than many a so called A film. Chronological list of THE WHISTLER:

(* indicates the title does not exist or is not circulation)

42-05-16 #001 Retribution

42-05-23 #002 Title unknown

42-05-30 #003 Title unknown

42-06-06 #004 Title unknown

42-06-13 #005 Shrunken Head

42-06-20 #006 *Curse

42-06-27 #007 Notes in the Night

42-07-04 #008 *Draft of Death

42-07-11 #009 Title unknown

42-07-18 #010 Title unknown

42-07-25 #011 Title unknown

42-08-01 #012 Title unknown

42-08-08 #013 Title unknown

42-08-15 #014 Title unknown

42-08-22 #015 Death Has a Thirst

42-08-29 #016 Letter, The

42-09-06 #017 House of Greed

42-09-13 #018 Mirage

42-09-20 #019 Fog

42-09-27 #020 Jealousy

42-10-04 #021 Urge to Kill, The

42-10-11 #022 Malice

42-10-18 #023 Death Comes at Midnight

42-10-25 #024 Alibi, The

42-11-01 #025 Title unknown

42-11-08 #026 Title unknown

42-11-15 #027 Apparition

42-11-22 #028 Other Woman, The

42-11-29 #029 Avarice

42-12-06 #030 Title unknown

42-12-13 #031 Accounting, The

42-12-20 #032 Title unknown

42-12-27 #033 Double Cross

43-01-03 #034 Weakling, The

43-01-10 #035 Nemesis, The

43-01-17 #036 Thief, The

43-01-24 #037 Mind Over Matter

43-01-31 #038 Confession, The

43-02-07 #039 In the Dark

Plot: A wealthy ship builder finds that he may go blind and that his wife may be having an affair.

43-02-14 #040 Legacy of Death

43-02-21 #041 Fool's Gold

43-02-28 #042 Title unknown

43-03-07 #043 *Purely Coincidental

43-03-14 #044 *Trap, The

43-03-21 #045 *Death at Dawn

43-03-28 #046 Penalty, The

43-04-04 #047 *Swamp Rats

43-04-11 #048 *Five Bullets

43-04-18 #049 *Voice of Death

43-04-25 Show pre-empted

43-05-01 #050 Killers

43-05-08 #051 Death Has a Thirst

43-05-15 #052 Man Who Waited, The

43-05-22 #053 *Man from India

43-05-29 #054 Final Decree

43-06-05 #055 Shadow of a Mind

43-06-12 #056 Justice

43-06-19 #057 House of Fear

43-06-26 #058 Blank Wall, The

43-07-02 #059 Avengers, The

Sometimes mistitled: The Avenger

43-07-09 #060 Eye for an Eye

43-07-16 #061 Title unknown

43-07-23 #062 Title unknown

43-07-30 #063 *Necrophobia

43-08-06 #064 Partners in Crime

43-08-13 #065 Death in the Air

43-08-20 #066 *Paid in Full

43-08-27 #067 *Summer Night

43-09-03 #068 Destiny

43-09-10 #069 Tangled Web, The

43-09-17 #070 *Turmoil, The

43-09-24 #071 Blind Alley

43-10-03 #072 Mirage

43-10-10 #073 *As the Chimes Rang

43-10-17 #074 *Draft of Death

43-10-24 #075 *Woman and a House, A

43-10-31 #076 *Circumstance

43-11-07 #077 *Urge, The

43-11-14 #078 *Best Laid Plans, The

43-11-21 #079 Patients for the Doctor

43-11-28 #080 *Legacy of Death

43-12-05 #081 Twin, The

43-12-12 #082 *Devil Goes to Paradise, The

43-12-19 #083 Death Demands a Payment

43-12-26 #084 *Murder Has an Alibi

44-01-02 #085 *Satan Holds Five Aces

44-01-09 #086 *Death Sets a Trap

44-01-16 #087 *Time Out for Murder

44-01-23 #088 *Guilded Trap

44-01-30 #089 *Obsession

44-02-06 #090 *Devil's Trap

44-02-13 #091 *Murder in the Mind

44-02-20 #092 *According to Desire

44-02-27 #093 *Mind Over Matter

44-03-05 #094 *Background for Murder

44-03-12 #095 *Lisbon Adventure

44-03-19 #096 *Ordeal, The

44-03-26 #097 *Death Leaves a Legacy

44-04-02 #098 *Barrier, The

44-04-09 #099 *Detour to Death

44-04-16 #100 *Corpse Walked In, The

44-04-23 #101 *Death Has a Double

44-04-30 #102 *Voice From Beyond

44-05-07 #103 *Seven Guests for Dinner

44-05-14 #104 *Lady Courts Death, The

44-05-21 #105 *Death Wears a Halo

44-05-28 #106 *African Interlude

44-06-04 #107 *School of Death

44-06-11 #108 Doctor Prescribes Death, The

44-06-18 #109 Title unknown

44-06-25 #110 Title unknown

44-07-02 #111 Title unknown

44-07-09 #112 *Road Without Turning, The

44-07-16 #113 Title unknown

44-07-23 #114 Last of The Devereaux, The

44-07-30 #115 Till Death Do Us Part

44-08-06 #116 Title unknown

44-08-13 #117 *Red Dice of Death

44-08-20 #118 *Jump in the Lake

44-08-27 #119 *Opus #32

44-09-03 #120 Practically Foolproof

Sometimes mistitled: Foolproof, Practically

44-09-10 #121 Local Storm

44-09-18 #122 Black Magic

44-09-25 #123 Married to Murder

44-10-02 #124 Not If I Kill You First

44-10-09 #125 Finders Weepers

44-10-16 #126 Tale the Dead Man Told, The

44-10-23 #127 Death Carries a Lunch Kit

44-10-30 #128 Beloved Fraud, The

44-11-06 #129 Twin, The

44-11-13 #130 Beware the Bridegroom

44-11-20 #131 Death Sees Double

44-11-27 #132 Death Walks a Tight Wire

Sometimes mistitled: Death Walks a Tight Rope

44-12-04 #133 Doctor Operates in Crime, The

44-12-11 #134 Lie or Consequences

44-12-18 #135 Windfall

44-12-25 #136 Christmas Bonus

45-01-01 #137 Two for the Money

45-01-08 #138 Body Wouldn't Stay in the Bay, The

45-01-15 #139 Murder Has a Signature

45-01-22 #140 Seascape

45-01-29 #141 Murder on Paper

45-02-05 #142 Murder is Legal

45-02-12 #143 *Belle of Aberdovey, The

45-02-19 #144 Dead Man Laughed, The

45-02-26 #145 Gateway to Danger

Sometimes mistitled: Murder Opens a Gate

45-03-05 #146 Danger is a Beautiful Blonde

45-03-12 #147 Death Marks the Double Cross

45-03-19 #148 Murder Will Shout

45-03-26 #149 *Checkmate for Murder

45-04-02 #150 Return of the Innocent

Sometimes mistitled: Murder of the Innocent

45-04-09 #151 *Jaws of Death

45-04-16 #152 To Rent - Danger

45-04-23 #153 Meet Mr. Death

45-04-30 #154 Master's Tree, The

45-05-07 #155 Friendly Case of Blackmail, A

Sometimes mistitled: Accident According to Plan

45-05-14 #156 Hit and Run

45-05-21 #157 Man Who Bought Death, The

45-05-28 #158 Escape to Danger

45-06-04 #159 Murder is Blind

45-06-11 #160 Death Pays a Visit

45-06-18 #161 Blueprint for Suicide

45-06-25 #162 Death Watch

45-07-02 #163 Deadly Innocent, The

45-07-09 #164 Highway of Escape

45-07-16 #165 Pattern For Terror

Sometimes mistitled: Pattern for Murder

45-07-23 #166 Let George Do It

45-07-30 #167 Summer Thunder

45-08-06 #168 Man Who Came to Murder, The

45-08-13 #169 What Makes a Murderer?

45-08-20 #170 X Marks the Murder

45-08-27 #171 I'll Trade You Murder

45-09-03 #172 Ambition Perilous

45-09-10 #173 Phone Call From Death

45-09-17 #174 Sing a Song of Murder

45-09-24 #175 Man Who Died Twice, The

45-10-01 #176 Death Wears a White Robe

45-10-08 #177 Death Laughs Last

45-10-15 #178 House on Sycamore Road, The

Sometimes mistitled: The House on Sycamore Street

45-10-22 #179 Title unknown

45-10-29 #180 Final Return

Sometimes mistitled: Final Returns

45-11-05 #181 Harvest of Death

45-11-12 #182 Seeing Eye, The

45-11-19 #183 Coincidence

45-11-26 #184 Stray Dream, The

Sometimes mistitled: The Story Dream

45-12-03 #185 Poison is Quicker

45-12-10 #186 Cistern, The

45-12-17 #187 Lucky Night

45-12-24 #188*Right From the Heart

45-12-31 #189 Miracle on #49th Street

46-01-07 #190 Thin Line, The

46-01-14 #191 Hit and Run

46-01-21 #192 Treasure Hunt

46-01-28 #193 Strange Sisters, The

Sometimes mistitled: Sister OR Strange Sister, The

46-02-04 #194 Panic

46-02-11 #195 Six Letter Word for Murder

Sometimes mistitled: Six Letter Word for Death OR Six Letter Word

46-02-18 #196 *Croupier's Wife, The

46-02-25 #197 Murder in Haste

46-03-04 #198 Decision

46-03-11 #199 Boomerang

46-03-18 #200 Master's Touch, The

Sometimes mistitled: Master Touch, The

46-03-25 #201 Trigger Man

46-04-01 #202 Three Times a Sinner

46-04-08 #203 Terror Stricken

46-04-15 #204 Smart Boy

46-04-22 #205 Waterford Case, The

46-04-29 #206 Title unknown

46-05-06 #207 Bright Horizon

46-05-13 #208 *Mr. Bidderoe's Mission

46-05-20 #209 Broken Chain

46-05-27 #210 Title unknown

46-06-03 #211 Judas Face, The

46-06-10 #212 Quiet Sunday, A

46-06-17 #213 Affair at Stoney Ridge

46-06-24 #214 Blind Bet, The

46-07-01 #215 Solid Citizen

46-07-08 #216 Confession, The

46-07-15 #217 Custom Built Blonde

46-07-22 #218 *Star Shadow

46-07-29 #219 My Love Comes Home

46-08-05 #220 Bullet Proof

46-08-12 #221 Stolen Murder

46-08-19 #222 Delivery Guaranteed

46-08-26 #223 Title unknown

46-09-02 #224 Stranger in the House

46-09-09 #225 Witness at the Fountain

46-09-16 #226 Brass Ring, The

46-09-23 #227*Victim Smiled, The

46-09-30 #228 *Man Who Never Was, The

46-10-07 #229 Present For Ricky, A

46-10-14 #230 Weak Sister

46-10-21 #231 Masquerade

46-10-28 #232 Backfire

46-11-04 #233 *Return to the Sender

46-11-11 #234 Deadly Penny

46-11-18 #235 *Kind Thought

46-11-25 #236 Two Year Plan

46-12-02 #237 Blind Impulse

46-12-09 #238 With My Own Eyes

46-12-16 #239 Title unknown

46-12-23 #240 Next Year Is Mine

46-12-30 #241 Murder on Rourke Island

47-01-06 #242 Dear Roger

47-01-13 #243 Choice, The

47-01-20 #244 Last Curtain, The

47-01-27 #245 Night Melody

47-02-03 #246 Seven Steps to Murder

47-02-10 #247 Safety in Numbers

47-02-17 #248 Woman's Privilege, A

47-02-24 #249 Eight to Twelve

47-03-03 #250 Blue Legend

47-03-10 #251 Murder of Byron Blake, The

47-03-17 #252 Mavis Cameron Disappears

47-03-24 #253 Lady and the Knife, The

47-03-31 #254 Blank Wall, The

47-04-07 #255 Sheriff's Assistant, The

47-04-14 #256 Maid of Honor

47-04-21 #257 Backlash

47-04-28 #258 Black Book, The

47-05-05 #259 Windfall

47-05-12 #260 #18 Bowden Lane

47-05-19 #261 Hasty Conclusion

47-05-26 #262 Fateful Friday

Sometimes mistitled: Fateful Decision

47-06-02 #263 Caesar's Wife

47-06-09 #264 Juggernaut

47-06-16 #265 Ambassador of Death

47-06-23 #266 Gentle Way, The

47-06-30 No show

47-07-02 #267 *Big Pitch, The

47-07-09 #268 Two Lives of Colby Fletcher, The

Sometimes mistitled: Lives of Colby Fletcher

47-07-16 #269 Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

47-07-23 #270 *Stolen Empire

47-07-30 #271 Borrowed By-Line

47-08-06 #272 Dark Future

47-08-13 #273 Whispered Verdict

47-08-20 #274 Girl Next Door

47-08-27 #275 Curtain Call

47-09-03 #276 Eleventh Hour, The

47-09-10 #277 Bridge on Black Mountain

47-09-17 #278 Death and the Emperor

47-09-24 #289 Sleep My Pretty One

47-10-01 #280 *Other Hand, The

47-10-08 #281 Career Man

47-10-15 #282 Man of Distinction

47-10-22 #283 Case for Mr. Carrington, A

47-10-29 #284 Back Door

47-11-05 #285 Big Prison, The

47-11-12 #286 Stolen Chance, The

47-11-19 #287 Dark Moon

47-11-26 #288 Body Off Billingsgate, The

47-12-03 #299 Professor and the Fox, The

47-12-10 #290 Wedding Gift

47-12-17 #291 Murder in Haste

47-12-24 #292 Decision

47-12-31 #293 First Year, The

48-01-07 #294 Comeback

48-01-14 #295 Silent Partner

48-01-21 #296 Twelve Portraits of Marcia

48-01-28 #297 Night Final

48-02-04 #298 Undertow

48-02-11 #299 Money is the Root of All Evil

Sometimes mistitled: Rosalind

48-02-18 #300 Quiet Suicide

48-02-25 #301 Meeting on Tenth Street

48-03-03 #302 Boiling Point

48-03-10 #303 Return Engagement

48-03-17 #304 Human Catalyst

Sometimes mistitled: Catalyst

48-03-24 #305 Dark Room, The

48-03-31 #306 Bird of Prey

48-04-07 #307 What Makes a Murderer?

48-04-14 #308 Till Death Do Us Part

48-04-21 #309 Silent City

48-04-28 #310 Tough Guy

48-05-05 #311 Danger is a Beautiful Blonde

48-05-12 #312 Chain Reaction

48-05-19 #313 Murder on Margin

48-05-26 #314 *Incident at Homsuey (spelling?)

48-06-02 #315 Stranger in the House

48-06-09 #316 *Necklace Was Incidental, The

48-06-16 #317 Concerto of Death

48-06-23 #318 Title unknown

48-06-30 #319 Small Town Girl

48-07-07 #320 Fatal Appointment

48-07-14 Show pre-empted by Democratic National Convention

48-07-21 #321 Farewell Party

48-07-28 #322 Lady of the Sea

48-08-04 #323 Question of Murder, A

48-08-11 #324 Enough Rope

48-08-18 #325 Bright Future

48-08-25 #326 Trio of Rogues

48-09-01 #327 Payment in Full

48-09-08 #328 *Great Santini, The

48-09-15 #329 Uncle Ben's Widow

48-09-22 #330 Still Death

48-09-29 #331 Conspiracy

48-10-03 #332 Big Gamble

48-10-10 #333 Whirlpool

48-10-17 #334 Package For Emily, A

48-10-24 #335 Search for an Unknown

48-10-31 #336 Letter From Yesterday

48-11-07 #337 Cover-up

48-11-14 #338 Nightmare

48-11-21 #339 Lovely Look, The

48-11-28 #340 Murder in Paradise

48-12-05 #341 Hired Alibi

48-12-12 #342 Stormy Weather

48-12-19 #343 Hangtree Affair, The

48-12-26 #344 Delayed Christmas Present

49-01-02 #345 Man on the Roof

49-01-09 #346 Telltale Brand, The

Sometimes mistitled: Tell-tale Brand, The

49-01-16 #347 Shakedown

49-01-23 #348 Impulse

49-01-30 #349 All Damage Covered

49-02-06 #350 Cheat, The

49-02-13 #351 Last Curtain, The

49-02-20 #352 Ticket to Paris

49-02-27 #353 Grave Secret

49-03-06 #354 *Gingham Elephant, The

49-03-13 #355 Search for Maxine

49-03-20 #356 Death of Mister Penny

49-03-27 #357 Beyond the Wall

49-04-03 #358 Rawhide Coffin, The

Sometimes mistitled: Wide Coffin, The

49-04-10 #359 Murder at Twin Pines

49-04-17 #360 Sleep My Pretty One

49-04-24 #361 Mask For Kinsella

49-05-01 #362 Solid Citizen

49-05-08 #363 Danger is a Beautiful Blonde

49-05-15 #364 Golden Opportunity

49-05-22 #365 Fatal Fraud

49-05-29 #366 Deal With Death

49-06-05 #367 Letter to Melanie

49-06-12 #368 Perfect Alibi

49-06-19 #369 That Physical Fact

Sometimes mistitled: Physical Fact

49-06-26 #370 Fatal Decree

49-07-03 #371 Panic on Mulberry Street

49-07-10 #372 Front Man

49-07-17 #373 Death in #16 Millimeter

49-07-24 #374 Hermit, The

49-07-31 #375 Brotherly Hate

49-08-07 #376 Trigger Man

49-08-14 #377 Best Friend

49-08-21 #378 Confession, The

49-08-28 #379 Eager Pigeon

49-09-04 #380 Smart Girl

49-09-11 #381 Brief Pause for Murder

49-09-18 #382 Poor Henry

49-09-25 #383 Incident at Arroyo Grande

49-10-02 #384 Woman's Privilege, A

49-10-09 #385 Rose For Pamela, A

49-10-16 #386 Best Man

49-10-23 #387 Debt of Honor

49-10-30 #388 Ticket to Murder

49-11-06 #389 New Mrs. Devlin, The

49-11-13 #390 Incident at Pebble Cove

49-11-20 #391 Letters From Aaron Burr

49-11-27 #392 Clever Mr. Farley, The

49-12-04 #393 Impulse

49-12-11 #394 Swan Song

49-12-18 #395 Patroness of Murder

49-12-25 #396 Letter From Cynthia

50-01-01 #397 Evening Stroll

50-01-08 #398 Return To Riondo

Sometimes mistitled: Escape to Riondo

50-01-15 #399 Escape to Skull Island

50-01-22 #400 Go-Between, The

50-01-29 #401 Burden of Guilt

50-02-05 #402 Ladies' Man

50-02-12 #403 Desert Reckoning

Sometimes mistitled: Dead Reckoning

50-02-19 #404 Five Cent Call

Sometimes mistitled: Five Cent Toll

50-02-26 #405 Appointment For Murder

50-03-05 #406 Chinese Elephant Puzzle

50-03-12 #407 Strange Meeting

50-03-19 #408 Oriana Afair, The

50-03-26 #409 Lady in the Snow, The

50-04-02 #410 Lady With a Key, The

50-04-09 #411 Dark Voyage

50-04-16 #412 Murder in Mind

50-04-23 #413 Returned With the Spray

50-04-30 #414 Gratitude

50-05-07 #415 Fatal Error

50-05-14 #416 Blue Alibi, The

50-05-21 #417 Return, The

50-05-28 #418 *Steal, The

50-06-04 #419 Caesar's Wife

50-06-11 #420 Rebound

Sometimes mistitled: The Successful Marriage

50-06-18 #421 Jessica

50-06-25 #422 Man Hunt, The

50-07-02 #423 Quiet Sunday, A

50-07-09 #424 Devoted Couple

50-07-16 #425 Attorney for the Defense

50-07-23 #426 Cliffs of Weyrum

50-07-30 #427 With My Own Eyes

50-08-06 #428 Double Exposure

50-08-13 #429 *Stolen Empire

50-08-20 #430 Finale

50-08-27 #431 Undercurrent

50-09-03 #432 Whirlwind

50-09-10 #433 Golden Penny, The

50-09-17 #434 Deadly Rumor

50-09-24 #435 That Hemsley Affair

Sometimes mistitled: Hemsley Affair

50-10-01 #436 Dear Diary

50-10-08 #437 Fatal Action

50-10-15 #438 Smart Boy

50-10-22 #439 Wall, The

50-10-29 #440 Intruder, The

50-11-05 #441 Just Like a Man

50-11-12 #442 Friendly Case of Blackmail, A

Sometimes mistitled: Blackmail

50-11-19 #443 Warm Reception

50-11-26 #444 Till Death Do Us Part

50-12-03 #445 Lady and the Knife, The

Sometimes mistitled: Lady With a Knife, The

50-12-10 #446 Clock on the Tower

50-12-17 #447 Flee From Evil

50-12-24 #448 Three Wise Guys

Sometimes mistitled: Wise Guys, The

50-12-31 #449 Big Jump

51-01-07 #450 Hit and Run

51-01-14 #451 Little Things

51-01-21 #452 Treasure Hunt

51-01-28 #453 Trade-Mark

Sometimes mistitled: Trade Mark OR Trademark

51-02-04 #454 Murder Over Burma

51-02-11 #455 Spell in Green

51-02-18 #456 Man in the Storm

51-02-25 #457 Murder Arrangement

51-03-04 #458 Helping Hand, A

51-03-11 #459 High Death

51-03-18 #460 Jackson Street Affair, The

51-03-25 #461 His Own Reward

51-04-01 #462 Man in a Corner

Sometimes mistitled: Man in the Corner

51-04-08 #463 Trip to Aunt Sarah's

51-04-15 #464 Triple Cross

51-04-22 #465 Kind Thought

51-04-29 #466 Clayton Affair, The

51-05-06 #467 Two and One Makes Murder

51-05-13 #468 Matter of Courtesy, A

51-05-20 #469 Custom-Made Murder

Sometimes mistitled: Custom Made Murder

51-05-27 #470 Seattle Take Three

51-06-03 #471 Tall Thin Man, The

51-06-10 #472 Law of Physics, A

51-06-17 #473 Man in the Trench Coat, The

Sometimes mistitled: Man in the Trenchcoat, The

51-06-24 #474 Murder of Byron Blake, The

51-07-01 #475 House on Hainsley Blvd.

51-07-08 #476 Witness

51-07-15 #477 Attempted Murder

51-07-22 #478 Autumn Song

51-07-29 #479 Danger is a Beautiful Blonde

51-08-05 #480 Design For Murder

51-08-12 #481 Fateful Reminder

51-08-19 #482 *Sequel to Death

51-08-26 #483 She Never Would Be Missed!

Sometimes mistitled: Taken for a Ride OR She Wouldn't Be Missed

51-09-02 #484 Public Hero

51-09-09 #485 Letter From Yesterday

51-09-16 #486 Matter of Patience, A

51-09-23 #487 *Third Grave, The

51-09-30 #488 Two Smart People

51-10-07 #489 *Wedding Bouquet

51-10-14 #490 Partners in Crime

51-10-21 #491 Alias Mr. Alden

51-10-28 #492 Doctor's Wife, The

51-11-04 #493 Man on the Run

51-11-11 #494 Three Minus One Equals Murder

Sometimes mistitled: Three in One Murder

51-11-18 #495 *Love Match

51-11-25 #496 Clay Tree, The

51-12-02 #497 End of the Road, The

51-12-09 #498 Other Hand, The

51-12-16 #499 Curiosity Killed the Cat

Sometimes mistitled: The Cat

51-12-23 #500 Christmas Gift

51-12-30 #501 Fatal Step

52-01-06 #502 Episode at Thunder Mountain

52-01-13 #503 *Man From the Morgue, The

52-01-20 #504 Bad Penny

52-01-27 #505 Borrowed By-line

52-02-03 #506 Shakedown

52-02-10 #507 Little Red Book, The

52-02-17 #508 Rose for Pamela, A

52-02-24 #509 Matter of Time, A

52-03-02 #510 Whirlpool

52-03-09 #511 Breakaway

52-03-16 #512 Marked Man

52-03-23 #513 Ski Master

52-03-30 #514 Homecoming, The

52-04-06 #515 Element X

52-04-13 #516 *Prescription for Death

52-04-20 #517 *Respected Citizen

52-04-27 #518 Saturday Night

52-05-04 #519 Lady in Waiting, The

52-05-11 #520 Matter of Odds, A

52-05-18 #521 Determined Traveler

52-05-25 #522 Charming Hostess

52-06-01 #523 *Case for Mr. Carrington, A

52-06-08 #524 Man on the Way

52-06-15 #525 Last Message

52-06-22 #526 *Way Out, The

52-06-29 #527 Night Flight

52-07-06 #528 Triple Play

52-07-13 #529 *Hunted, The

52-07-20 #530 *Perfect Secretary

52-07-27 #531 You Can't Trust a Stranger

52-08-03 #532 Dark Island

52-08-10 #533 Havana Lee, The

52-08-17 #534 *Nice Boy

52-08-24 #535 Final Papers

52-08-31 #536 *Flight #13

52-09-07 #537 Secret of Chalk Point, The

52-09-14 #538 *Framework for Murder

52-09-21 #539 *Deal, The

52-09-28 #540*Reunion in Tangiers

52-10-05 #541 *Catalyst, The

52-10-12 #542 One Dark Night

52-10-19 #543 Prosecutor, The

52-10-26 #544 *No Questions Asked

52-11-02 #545 *Perfect Alibi

52-11-09 #546 *Gentle Conspiracy

52-11-16 #547 *Mirage

52-11-23 #548 Calculator, The

52-11-30 #549 So Soon

52-12-07 #550 *Appointment on the High Seas

52-12-14 #551 *Smart Boy

52-12-21 #552 Christmas Bonus

52-12-28 #553 Dark Room, The

53-01-04 #554 *Late Mr. Phelps, The

53-01-11 #555 *Smooth Operator

53-01-18 #556 *Alias John Kordo

53-01-25 #557 Search for an Unknown

53-02-01 #558 *Friction

53-02-08 #559 *Choice, The

53-02-15 #560 *Eager Person, The

53-02-22 #561 *End of the Trail

53-03-01 #562 *Bushmaster

53-03-08 No Show

53-03-15 #563 Attorney for the Defense

53-03-22 #564 *Evening Stroll

53-03-29 #565 *Return to Riondo

53-04-05 #566 *Black Satchel

53-04-12 #567 *Impulse

53-04-19 Show Pre-Empted

53-04-26 #568 *Money Talks

53-05-03 #569 Disappearing Woman, The

53-05-10 #570 *Lady With a Key, The

53-05-17 #571 *Berwick Incident, The

53-05-24 #572 *When Old Friends Meet

53-05-31 #573 *Hall of Mirrors

53-06-07 #574 Blue Alibi, The

53-06-14 #575 *Look in the Window

53-06-21 #576 *Next Stop, Maple Street

53-06-28 #577 *Breakout

53-07-05 #578 Glass Dime, The

53-07-12 #579 *Act of Kindness, An

53-07-19 #580 *Silver Service

53-07-26 #581 *Ten Cent Call

53-08-02 #582 *Death of a Clown

53-08-09 #583 *Kickback

53-08-16 #584 *Curtain, The

53-08-23 #585 *Red Hot and Cold

53-08-30 #586 *Gag Man

53-09-06 #587 *Conspiracy

53-09-13 #588 *Seventh Year

53-09-20 #589 *Two and One Makes Murder

53-09-27 #590 *Road Block

53-10-04 #591 Death Claim

53-10-11 #592 Ticket to Nowhere

53-10-18 #593 Girl in Black

53-10-25 #594 *Murder Over Burma

53-11-01 #595 *Lady With Plans, The

53-11-08 #596 *Impulse

53-11-15 #597 Fading Star

53-11-22 #598 Perilous Meeting

53-11-29 #599 Lady on a Yacht

53-12-06 #600 Generous Host

53-12-13 #601 *Rooftop Big Shot

53-12-20 #602 Huntress, The NOT Hunters, The

53-12-27 #603 Lonely Highway

54-01-03 #604 *Squeeze Play

54-01-10 #605 Fatal Fraud

54-01-17 #606 *Set-up, The

54-01-24 #607 Garvey's Folly

54-01-31 #608 Dance Team, The

54-02-07 #609 Man from Calais, The

54-02-14 #610 *Helping Hand, A

54-02-21 #611 *Forgotten City

54-02-28 #612 Feature Story

54-03-07 #613 Hudson Bay Incident

54-03-14 #614 Escape to Doom

54-03-21 #615 Perilous Weekend

54-03-28 #616 *Incident at Pebble Cove

54-04-04 #617 *Tell-Tale Hedges

54-04-11 #618 *Time and the Place, The

54-04-18 #619 Days of Fear

54-04-25 #620 Spell in Green

54-05-02 #621 *Cardboard Fortune

54-05-09 #622 Gentleman From Oxford

54-05-16 #623 She Wanted Too Much

54-05-23 #624 Doll's Name was Susie, The

54-05-30 #625 That Cutlerville Affair

54-06-06 #626 Round Trip Tickets

54-06-13 #627 Dark Patterns

54-06-20 #628 *Thirteen Black

54-06-27 #628 *Reluctant Witness, The

54-07-04 #630 *Man on the Stairway, The

54-07-11 #631 *Out of the Past

54-07-18 #632 Mr. Pettibone's Last Journey

54-07-25 #633 Anything For a Friend

54-08-01 #634 Borrowed Future

54-08-08 #635 *Information Withheld

54-08-15 #636 *Perilous Retainer

54-08-22 #637 *Traveling Companion

54-08-29 #638 Quadrangle

54-09-05 #639 *Smash-up

54-09-12 #640 *Landslide

54-09-19 #641 Song Team

54-09-26 #642 *End of the Road, The

54-10-03 #643 Stolen Letter

54-10-10 #644 *Beware of Strangers

54-10-17 #645 Last Request

54-10-24 #646 *Pavillion, The

54-10-31 #647 *Hangtree Affair, The

54-11-07 #648 *Old Hackett House, The

54-11-14 #649 *Murder at Twin Pines

54-11-21 #650 *Clayton Affair, The

54-11-28 #651 *Seattle Take Three

54-12-05 #652 *Warm Reception

54-12-12 #653 Prosecutor, The

54-12-19 #654 *Ticket to Murder

54-12-26 #655 *Dark Room, The

55-01-02 #656 *Autumn Song

55-01-09 #657 *Jackson Street Affair, The

55-01-16 #658 *Flee From Evil

55-01-23 #659 One Dark Night

55-01-30 #660 *Late Mr. Phelps, The

55-02-06 #661 Whirlpool

55-02-13 #662 Element X

55-02-20 #663 Undercurrent

NOTE: At this time it was announced that this Sunday night show would move to Thursdays. Evidently this schedule change never took place.

55-02-27 #664 Bright Boy

55-03-06 #665 *Alibi, The

55-03-13 #666 Seven Steps to Murder

55-03-20 #667 Matter of Odds, A

55-03-27 #668 Backfire

55-04-03 #669 Ambassador, The

55-04-10 #670 Search for the Unknown

55-04-17 #671 *Trip to Aunt Sarah's

55-04-24 #672 Incident at Chalk Point

55-05-01 #673 Letters From Aaron Burr

55-05-08 #674 Lovely Look, The

55-05-15 #675 Night Melody

55-05-22 #676 Case for Mr. Carrington, A

55-05-29 #677 *Maid of Honor

55-06-05 #678 First Year, The

55-06-12 #679 Woman's Privilege, A

55-06-19 #680 Two Lives of Colby Fletcher

55-06-26 #681 *Cliffs of Weyrum

55-07-03 #682 Lady in Waiting, The

55-07-10 #683 Big Prison, The

55-07-17 #684 *Murder on Roarke Island

55-07-24 #685 *Trade Mark

Sometimes mistitled: Trademark

55-07-31 #686 *Blank Wall, The

55-08-07 #687 Havana Lee, The

55-08-14 #688 Marked Man

55-08-21 #689 Present for Ricky, A

55-08-28 #690 Little Red Book, The

55-09-04 #691 Title unknown

55-09-11 #692 *Design for Murder

55-09-18 #693 Title unknown

55-09-25 #694 Title unknown

Source: Frank Passage's Old-time Radio Program Guide


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A lazy youth fails to take up any responsibility for which he is sent off to Goa to work with his father's friend. There he falls in love with a woman who has problems of her own. Raftaar Singh (Akshay) spends his days whiling his time away dancing and jumping through fire hula-hoops at fairs in Bassi Pathana in Punjab. While his father (Yograj Singh) is tired of his ways, his mother (Rati Agnihotri) caters to his appetite with home-cooked jalebis, before the former asks Raftaar to choose a path for himself. Either get married to a certain Sweety, or move to Goa and work under his father's friend. Considering the first option unimaginable, Raftaar chooses the second. We picked this movie by accident but it turned out to be an excellent choice. My mom loved it so much she went back the next day to see it again with dad. Superb comic timing, Great cinematography, fabulous locations, some very nice fight sequences, unusual Bollywood dances. Would have been better if the hero and heroine could communicate a bit more but perhaps that was part of the plan. Great performances by Kay Kay Menon, Lara Dutta and the two friends. Waiting for the DVD to come out. Would love to own and watch over and over. Keep the kids entertained during parties. I would highly recommend this to folks looking for a simple entertainer with a very simple story line. This was ridiculous. I enjoyed the jokes but I couldn't bare to watch through this rubbish. Don't put non-indians in my Indian movies. And then you put the non-Indian in there and make them be like super power. indians are super power. and to top it off this was so fake you cant stand it. I can stand fake of Akshay flying around beating up baddies, but you put the pretty princess as the action hero? The priness beating up the goons? Oh and then the goon had a princess of his own that was action hero. What the hell? And stupid messages of promoting lewd disgusting and crude behavior from women this is ridiculous. And they tried to validate this behavior. I couldn't stand that and couldn't enjoy the Akshay style comedy. Completely ruined. Whatever "loveliness" the actresses had was ruined. Very poor movie. Lara's role wasn't so bad but still she got a bit of the same treatment.

Songs were completely littered with English, i couldn't bare it. They sounded catch but it was ridiculous how much English they put.

Ludicrous. Extremely disappointed.


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The newest addition to the Spider-Man franchise, Ultimate Spider-Man is loosely based on Brian Michael Bendis' comic book series of the same name, following the adventures of a "redefined"

Join Peter Parker in Ultimate Spider-man as he juggles the challenges of high school with the extraordinary challenges of being a Super Hero.

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original title: DeepStar Six

genge: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller


imdb: 5.8

duration: 1h 39min

tags: Six miles below the surface of the ocean, something beyond your imagination will scare the hell out of you.

budget: $8,000,000

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At the bottom of the ocean, the DeepStar Six has just discovered a new and deadly alien menace. A group of U.S. Navy engineers, led by Capt. Laidlaw (Taurean Blacque), are building an underwater base when they inadvertently disturb the lair of a gigantic creature. The monster attacks, and the crew, including lovers Collins (Nancy Everhard) and McBride (Greg Evigan), tries to evacuate, but the facility is badly damaged. After the exterior is breached, the increasingly desperate people become separated from one another, and the creature begins to pick them off one by one. This is first and foremost, a B movie. It's a hastily made movie trying to ride the coat-tails of Abyss' hype... and it shows.

First, the plot: basically, just an excuse to get a strange hungry creature on board an underwater facility with some terrified humans. From then on, it all unfolds as linearly as you'd expect, with force clich辿s thrown in; some scenes directly borrowed from other poor movies: the very last scene, for instance, mirrors exactly the groan-inducing end of Jaws 4.

To seal the deal on a terrible script, quite a few events are completely unexplained. Don't worry, you'll easily predict them, not because they logically follow (they don't), but because they're stereotypical horror movie tropes, badly executed.

Next, the creature. The real meat of this kind of movies! Expect disappointment. It looks sillier than scary, moves excruciatingly slowly (on camera; off-camera, it moves extremely fast, maybe it's just shy?) and spends more time posturing (and roaring) in front of the humans than actively attacking them. One never sees it whole, but its head and torso have more screen time than the rest of the cast combined.

Finally, the effects. Strong effects can do a whole lot to redeem an otherwise bad movie, DeepStar Six doesn't have those. DeepStar Six compensate for lack of effects with pure gore, in B-movie tradition. Gratuitous gore.

DeepStar Six isn't enjoyable. The script is just painful; the creature arbitrary and uncharismatic; the intense scenes dull and slow. This film was terrible. The storyline has an interesting basis involving an underwater nuclear plant in the near future, which could have led to myriad possibilities for disaster that would put a scare into the audience. So which direction does it take? An ancient sea monster attacks, and by the time it does, you wish it would kill every unlikeable character in the film. The special effects in this movie are terrible, and the acting is worse (led by Greg Evigan of "BJ and the Bear" and "My 2 Dads" fame). I angrily walked out on this stinker when I initially paid to see it, but later on television I watched the ending in a moment of terrible boredom. That was a mistake--the only thing worse than the rest of the film was the unpredictably predictable ending where Evigan survives a deep underwater battle with the monster and surfaces alive, totally ignoring scientific principles like a necessity for air or the existence of water pressure. Don't watch this film unless you are a masochist.


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